How students cheating in exams. All ways of cheatings in exam hall. The scene of exam.

Everyone knows that exam time of students is hard time .and today is time of competition so everyone wants to mark good in exam. Their parents also force them for do better, but this is today I am sharing post about words famous cheating styles and ways.

Caste certificate problem in India because it expires in 6 months.

Friends today I am sharing an article about making caste certificate in India. The tribe reservation is a big problem in India. And to take benefit of reservation in government vacancy we have to make a caste certificate like- OBC [other backward class], SC/ST [special caste/tribe], SBC [special backward class] etc.  But it expires in 6 months .it means we have to make it again. And the proses of making it not good. It is waste of time and money. Because anyone not change his tribe in every 6 months. So why they expire the caste certificate?
And see the thought of government that Residency certificate is valid for 10 years that is changeable. And caste [OBC/SC/ST/SBC] is valid only for 6 months. The proses of making it is very painful.

Jai Narayan vyas university ,jodhpur (rajasthan)[jodhpur university]

जय नारायण व्यास विश्व विद्यालय जोधपुर। 

Official websites of JNVU-

You can find all about university online like- admit ion , cut off , merit , admit card , result , etc

Websites of jnvu-

this is new website of jnvu ,you can find here results, online forms,admit card,notifications and all news about students.

this is official website of jnvu
Today’s post is about JNVU ,jodhpur. JNVU is the biggest university of western rajasthan. And keep second place in all rajasthan . Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur was established in 1962 as University of Jodhpur. There are four Government Colleges of Jodhpur became part of the University . This is a regidental university and there are hostels for each department.

Method of create invitation card and use of scanner

How to create an Invitation Card[scroll down for read about scanner]

Do you want to create an invitation card? Invitation cards are sent for personal events like a wedding, a birthday, naming ceremony of a child or community events like a cultural program or school sports. In a business, invitations might be sent for a special event like a grand opening, or release of new product.

एक राजस्थानी मारवाड़ी हास्य कविता marwadi education maewadi chutkule jokes

मायड़ भाषा रो मजो -

नया राजस्थानी गाना डाउनलोड करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करे। 

खाणो वाइफ �रो,
पाणी पाइप 🚰रो,
ध्यान एक री,
सलाह दो री,
गावणो तीन रो,
चोकडी चार री,
पंचायती पान्च री,
छाती कुटो छ: रो,
प्यार भाई 👬रो,
नशो दवाई रो,
दूध गाय 🐄रो,

How to create a advertisement ,logo and newsletter ?

How to Create a Poster- Advertisement [scroll down for read about newsletter and logo] how to make advertisement.
How could you get more people interested to know about your business? One of the ways you can promote your business is through a poster advertisement. An advertisement is a form of communication that promotes a product or service to a potential customer or client. In a business like, coaching class tutors, jewelers, caterers or businessmen may create a poster for advertising a product or services they offer, to persuade potential customers to buy their products or utilise their services.
• An artful title that gets people interested about the poster
• A small message about the poster (event, product, service or community issue)
• A picture
• An address
• Telephone numbers and email addresses ( if available)

Steps on How to Create a Poster
A. Create An Artful Title
1. Start the word processing software, and open a new, blank document.
2. To help you size and position objects on the page, show the rulers and the document’s grid. To help you move and size objects with greater precision, make sure that the snap to grid option is turned off.
3. Think of a title for the poster. Then, create an artful title, such as a WordArt or Fontworks title. Move the WordArt to the top of the page.
4. Save your work. Make sure you save your work after every couple of steps you complete.
B. Draw A Text Box

how to create a resume ,presentation and use a printer.

In this post you will read how to create a resume ,presentation and use a printer.

1. How to Create a Résumé ?

[ scroll down for read about presentation and printer.]

When you apply for a job, how will you showcase your skills, experience and accomplishments to a prospective employer? One way is by creating a résumé. A résumé is a document that contains a summary of a person’s work experience, skills and education. In a business, the résumé is typically the first thing that a potential employer comes across regarding the applicant. It is used to screen applicants, to be often followed by an interview